About DomainShopScript

DomainShopScript, DSS, is a script based on PHP and MySQL which allows for the listing and sale of domain names, a growing commodity on the internet and beyond. Although DSS is meant for advanced users and resellers, it can also be used by those who only have a few domains to sell. DSS is easy to use, completely customizeable, and gives customers an easy and interactive interface to work with.


  • Complete control of all domain-related tasks within one consolidated administrative panel.
  • Ability to group domains by category.
  • Search ability available to users.
  • ‘Contact Us’ script built in.
  • Ability to receive offers, as well as accept them, reject them, or counter them.
  • Ability to allow purchases for a set price.
  • Full domain details available on domain information page.
  • Completely customizable user interface.
  • Ability to store user information and utilize a username and password.
  • Simple design, easy to browse.

See For Yourself

View a live demo of DSS HERE >>
View a live demo of the administrative area HERE >>
Once you’ve looked around and gotten a feel for the script, purchase the script HERE >>


DomainShopScript is partially encoded for security purposes with ionCube, an industrial-strength script encoder. All user-viewable pages are not encoded, so as to allow complete customization. The ‘admin’ area is the only part of this script which is encoded. Please note that no part of DSS may be reproduced in any way unless prior written consent is given.